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Solutions for a greener future

Who are we?

Solwearth Ecotech Pvt. Ltd is a company that focuses primarily on social commitment and sustainable development. We have invented a new breed of organic waste converters to match our vision of a waste-free environment.

We are one of the largest organic waste converter manufacturers in India. With two manufacturing units at Kochi and Bengaluru and corporate offices in Kerala, Bengaluru, Chennai and New Delhi, we are a key player in this segment. Solwearth’s mission for its products is to be the most reliable and cost-effective food waste management system in India.

What do we do?

Our product SE Food Waste Converter is a revolutionary machine capable of solving the ongoing problem of waste management in India. What we have to offer is not just a unique solution but a healthy alternative to other methods of organic waste disposal. SE food waste converter takes your organic wastes, compresses the ninety percent of its volume and gives back fertiliser supplement that can be used to run a beautiful garden. And all of this takes just around 12-15 hours.

Turning something such as food waste into a productive item is the kind of bold step we take towards ecological well-being. SE food waste converter is ideal for waste management in the food industry, canteen waste management etc. The product is available in multiple variants to meet various volume requirements of Hotel catering, IT campus, Residential Apartments, pilgrim centres, flight catering facilities, fruit and vegetable processing companies.

Features of our product

Why do you need a waste management system?

Waste management is an investment in the ecology as well as future. With the advent of swatch Bharat mission state and local authorities are in process of building a cleaner country. Soon industries that produce a lot of organic wastes like hotels, restaurants, flight kitchens, caterers, malls, apartments, canteens will need to start managing their own waste. If not taken care of, food waste management can create headaches to your business and hinder your path to progress. Cities like Banglore have started enforcing the requirement of food waste management to promote the vision of a cleaner future. Our organic waste converter serves the dual purpose of food waste management and making a productive supplement from it. This will help you to easily overcome your waste management woes and at the same time be a part of our humble attempt to keep the environment clean.

Our technology

SE food waste converter is an automated on-site compostable waste processing system. We use state of the art Multi-stage indirect heat and dry decomposition process in our machines. The system is equipped with water recycling technology that uses the condensate run out to control the humidity in the processing Chamber, which in turn translates to faster processing speeds.

Why choose us?

Solwearth has the expertise, proven equipment and a dedicated support system that is unmatched by any other company. No other industrial composting equipment or organic waste converter can compete with our product in terms of process speed and manufacturing quality.

Focused on high-quality manufacturing techniques, backed by a brilliant research and development team we offer you the best. The wide acceptance and testimonials of satisfied clients speak the volume of our quality and service.

Our network of OWC Machine Manufacturers & suppliers can meet all your requirements and we also make our food waste converter in custom capacities when needed. Our organic waste converter can be used in diverse areas from restaurant waste management to flight kitchens to canteen food waste management. We take pride in our products and once you use it you will know how good it is.


  • Swachh Bharat

    We are empanelled by National Seeds Corporations, Gov. of India under swatch Bharat mission in the Decentralized Composed machine (MISCA) category

    Organic waste management
  • Swachh Bharat

    We are empanelled by National Seeds Corporations, Gov. of India under swatch Bharat mission in the Decentralized Composed machine (MISCA) category